Try Core Focus’ Job Interview Tips

Try Core Focus’ Job Interview Tips

People all over the world experience interview jitters. There’s a lot at stake when you’re trying to land a job, so it makes sense to feel anxious about it. At Core Focus, we’re familiar with a number of strategies to ensure more successful interviews. Some are more effective than others, but we think the following are the most likely to ease your mind and facilitate a job offer:


  • Plan for the Usual Questions: You can’t be sure exactly which questions will come your way during an interview, and curveballs are becoming more popular, but it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the most common inquiries. Know how to communicate your experience and goals in a compelling way, explain how you solve problems, and demonstrate your knowledge of the industry.


  • Bring Helpful Materials: Our Core Focus interviewers appreciate when candidates back up their assertions with specifics, and we’re sure every other hiring manager feels the same way. That’s why you should be prepared with supportive documentation. It may be a spreadsheet, awards, certifications, written recommendations, charts, graphs, etc.


  • Ask Good Questions: The interviewer isn’t the only person who should ask questions in such a meeting. Make sure you are ready with several of your own – and make sure they’re good ones. You might ask how success is measured in the position at hand, for instance. You might even present a hypothetical question by asking what incentives would keep you on board if you did not need to work for financial reasons.


Put these Core Focus suggestions into practice the next time those interview jitters set in.