Core Focus: How to Spur Creativity

Core Focus: How to Spur Creativity

Creativity obviously isn’t something that can be adjusted by the flip of a switch. On the contrary, you must put the best possible circumstances in place and hope for the best. There’s no forcing it. According to our Core Focus leaders, you must simply make room for it – or allow it.


If your people have some level of expertise and innovative thinking skills, you must take responsibility for motivating creativity. The secret is to look for intrinsic inspiration. Instead of dangling incentives in front of them, which involves a focus on extrinsic inspiration, you must help your people find their inner motivators. Extrinsic prizes may not even have anything to do with the task at hand, but intrinsic ones are related to the senses of satisfaction and accomplishment that come from work well done.


One way to stimulate creativity among your team members is to align their responsibilities with their strengths. Identify what your associates are passionate about, and what they do well, and give them work that allows them to capitalize on those things. This approach works wonders at Core Focus.


Another option is to give your people freedom of process. Once you clearly communicate your expectations to them, take a step back and allow them to work their magic. Avoid hovering over them to tell them exactly how things should be done. They’ll be much more inspired if they are empowered to determine how best to make progress.


These are only a few of the many techniques for motivating creativity on an intrinsic level. Our Core Focus associates ask, which will you try first?