Professional Development

Core Focus Training Tailored to You

When you join the Core Focus team, your first mission is to learn about our processes. This isn’t your typical training program that relies on a complex manual or stacks of videos. You’ll never be left to figure it out alone. Instead you’ll be working hands-on from the get-go, experiencing every aspect of what goes into our programs, including our research methods and customer care practices. In no time, you’ll become an ace at brand promotion.


Individual Coaching

Your training experience includes coaching with one of Core Focus’ leaders. Our coaches know what steps are needed to create powerful promotions. They transfer this knowledge to you, helping you to navigate the marketplace with confidence.


Energetic Colleagues

A collaborative team is the foundation of Core Focus. We harness our energies and imaginations to attain common goals. We also celebrate both individual and shared successes, believing that a win for one is a win for all. It’s why we continue to rise above the rest in a crowded industry.


Ongoing Growth and Rewards

Our Core Focus team is the backbone of our operation. We support their hard work by providing multiple opportunities to develop and advance, such as training and coaching programs. Travel perks, an energetic office, and many more rewards are a part of the experience when you work for us.

What Makes a Great Core Focus Executive

Are you eager to step into the marketing world’s fastest-growing sector? Do you dream of working at a company where you will be promoted based on your merit? Do these qualities describe you?

  • Ambitious
  • Self-directed
  • Collaborative
  • Articulate
  • Positive and driven

Setting the Foundation for Growth

Stay in touch with our latest accomplishments and expansions.