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Core Focus helps brands realize greater visibility in shorter periods of time. We engage customers to maximize growth potential. With our scale, top-notch partnerships, and industry knowledge, we’ve established our reputation as a premier leader in customer acquisitions. We create and deploy tailor-made solutions that make an impact.

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We’re all about customers at
Core Focus

Every aspect of our strategy centers on the research and development of campaigns that speak to consumers in a meaningful way. With our industry-specific experience, brands know and trust our ability to elicit returns in a way no other agency can.

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Core Focus’s
Inclusive Culture

We’ve carefully cultivated a culture at Core Focus which reflects our belief that everyone’s input matters. We embrace originality and diverse perspectives. Each executive is instrumental to our firm’s success. Our people drive the innovation that results in the industry-leading impact we make. By providing our team with what they need to excel, we’re positively influencing the world of customer acquisitions every day.

The Values We Uphold at
Core Focus

Our Core Focus crew is focused on creating
value for customers, the businesses we represent, and the
industry at large. We do so by acting with integrity in all
that we do, and upholding the key values that represent
our firm’s mission:

  • Honesty
  • Dependability
  • Customer Focus
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration

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We employ the latest techniques to positively impact today’s audiences.